Back it Up

This was the week of devastation.  It started off with me being shipped to Pleasanton, California,  which is more like Old-white-bald-big boned-people-in white-collared-shirts-ton, for work training.  And the town isn’t so bad, I’m cool with old white bald big boned people in white collared shirts, but people in Pleasanton have bumper stickers that say unfunny things that someone in that car must think is funny or witty enough to permanently stick on their vehicle.  e.g.  “My German Shepherd is smarter than your honor student.” =/

This, however, was devastation.

This is the new sad Mac.  Apparently it is your computer’s way of saying “I hope you backed it up, biatch, or you’re screwed.”  The Genius bar man talked me through the grieving process.

Him: “It’s not you, these things just happen.  You had 2 good years. ..”

Me: “All my photos, memories, gone, all my music, my jams……… my LIFE, and I literally just bought my external hard drive.  I was going to do it this weekend, really, I was.”

Him: “Well you can always use a data recovery service, but that is not covered by Applecare and it may cost minimum of $600 up to over a thousand and you may not get everything back.”

I snapped out of it and said:

“$600?!  Damn Gina.  It’s ok, I’ll just take the blank hard drive, thanks.”

Take Home Message: BACK THAT MAC UP.

Which I am going to do….starting now.


~ by chuionthis on July 26, 2008.

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