Calorie Counting for Dummies Addendum

Ok, so there are a lot of you (2, including myself) that are taking this calorie counting thing very seriously, so let me see if I can clarify some gray areas.  I will try to clarify in the form of FAQ’s, frequently asked questions.  (The use of the word frequent is used very liberally in this case.)

FAQ #1

What exactly constitutes breakfast?

Breakfast foods can be eaten at any time of the day, but in this case, breakfast has to to with the timing of your meal.  To keep things simple and consistent, let’s use the McDonald’s Universal Law of Breakfast: Breakfast ends at 10:30AM daily.  This means, the transaction must be complete and you are actively consuming that breakfast by 10:30AM.  Weekend brunches, no deductions.

FAQ #2

What if I had a bowl of fiber O’s and a banana before work, then a whole grain bagel at 10:30AM, which one is breakfast?

Anything consumed before 10:30AM but after your long period of sleep (calculate accordingly night shifters) is considered breakfast.  You can have as many breakfasts as you want.

FAQ #3

I want to save my 20% duduction from my fiber-O/banana meal for a meal later in the day.  Is that ok?

No.  The coupon is not transferrable.  It is a gift, not a right.  Use it or lose it.

FAQ #4

Since I ate a whole grain bagel during breakfast, does that mean I get an additional 10% the already existing 20% off?

Yes.  That’s a loophole.

Hope this is helpful (Cit) !


~ by chuionthis on June 5, 2009.

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